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For those who are disabled and indigent who require help in conforming to California Code 4291, the following are the steps that can be taken to obtain help from the Nevada County Fire Safe Council:

  • Contact the Fire Safe Council located at 139 East Main Street, Grass Valley,by calling (530) 272-1122 or e-mailing janet@areyoufiresafe.com.
  • Tell the person answering the telephone that you want to schedule a Defensible Space Advisory visit to your property. Also note that you wish your name to be put on the FEMA grant list for financial assistance for the required work identified by the advisor. This grant has not yet been received by the Council.
  • If you contact the office via e-mail, request an advisor to visit your property, provide your full name, complete address, and telephone number. Also request that your name be put on the FEMA list for financial assistance for the work recommended by the advisor.

Because of the many California wildfires in the past couple of years, especially the most recent and deadly Camp Fire, there are so many requests for advisory visits, there may be a lengthy time lag before there is an advisor available for your property. Approximately 30 new advisors will soon be added to this trained group.

Thank you for being firesafe!

The Lake Vera/Round Mountain area became a certified Firewise community in January 2018.