About LVRM

The Lake Vera-Round Mountain area is the latest Nevada County neighborhood to obtain official certification as a Firewise Community. The news came via email on January 8, 2018 to the neighborhood’s Firewise working group. Joining 44 neighborhood groups in Nevada County, our certification by the National Fire Protection Association’s Firewise program is the culmination of several years of efforts by a group of neighbors.

The Firewise Committee meets the third wednesday of every month, 10am -noon in the Public Community Meeting room at the Helling Library adjacent to the Rood Center. Stop by, our meetings are of course open to everyone.

-The Lake Vera Firewise Committee

Our Firewise  Area

The LVRM Firewise Community includes 478 parcels of which 349 are developed with residences and an estimated population of 831 people based on US Census data.

It also includes three seasonal camps for children and The Burton Homestead operated as a year-round environmental and cultural learning center. The assessment area encompasses land administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and California State Parks Department, situated mostly along the northern portion of the assessment area, according to the Hazard Assessment report.

Many people are familiar with the neighborhood as Lake Vera Round Mountain. Lake Vera /Purdon Road is the access road to the very popular Purdon Crossing, a part of State Park’s South Yuba River Park. Educating both residents and visitors to the area is an ongoing task for the group, but given the enthusiasm of our members the “Firewise Lifestyle” will be spread far and wide.