Current Fire and Air Quality Information

Resources  for the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District

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Red Flag Warning Information

What is a Red Flag Warning and where you can find out if one has been issued.

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Is Today A Burn Day?

Links to help you learn if today is Burn Day in your area.

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YubaNet is one of the fastest resources for Fire Information.

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2019-20 Fire Season Guide

A digital copy of our annual Fire Season Guide, complete with messages from local Fire Agencies and Partners

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Community Green Waste Disposal

The Green Waste Program has ended for Spring 2019. Please watch for updates and announcements for our next scheduled event.



Chipping Program

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County offers brush chipping that has been cleared from defensible space of any permanent structure, and/or 30 feet from any roadside or driveway used for evacuation purposes.

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Address Signs

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County provides Reflective Safety Address Signs so safety personnel can find you.

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Scotch Broom Challenge

Local groups and agencies are teaming up to encourage local landowners, businesses, organizations, agencies, and basically anyone who is affected by the invasion of Scotch broom, to start physically removing this highly flammable, invasive plant.

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NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Network
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New Resouces To Be Added Soon –

Dozer Piling
Environmental Consultant
Forestry Consulting
Manual Pile & Burn
Manual Chipping
Pesticide Advisor
Pesticide Application
Stump Grinding
Tractor Piling
Tree Service